Working from his studio in Eindhoven (NL), Dutch designer Bart Joachim van Uden is on a quest to find meaning and romance in the endless flow of artefacts and byproducts coming from our over-productive culture. Through an extensive exploration of qualities and possibilities of a seemingly banal material or object he transforms the mundane into an immersive experience by blending research and poetry. Doing so he encourages us to reconsider our ideas on beauty, status and aesthetic value. His unique approach can be adapted to multidisciplinary projects spanning from collaborations with the industry to spatial design and sculptural art.

2016 BA, Design Academy Eindhoven, Eindhoven, NL

Exhibitions (selected)
2018 "When I wanted a Palace", Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven
2018 Dutch Stuff, London Design Fair, London
2018 Woth Magazine, Designkwartier, The Hague
2018 Transitions III, Ventura Centrale, Salone del Mobile, Milan
2017-2018 Design Is My Religion Is My Design, ECI, Roermond
2017 O/LAND, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven
2017 Transitions III, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven
2017 Lowlands Festival, Biddinghuizen
2017 Object 2017, SS Rotterdam, Rotterdam
2016-2017 Galerie Thea Houben, Kloosterstraat 2, Roggel
2016 Dutch Design Week 2016, Collaboration O, Eindhoven
2016 Graduation Show 2016, Design Academy Eindhoven
2015 Dutch Design Week, Collaboration O, Eindhoven
2014 FRAGMENTED REALITIES, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven
2013-2014 Museum Of Arte Útil, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven
2011 YOU ARE HERE pop-up store, Hartenstraat 26, Amsterdam

Publications (selected)
2018-11-01 WOTH magazine, No 11. magazine
2018-04-13, Ventura Centrale. online
2018-02-01 AD magazine Germany. magazine
2017-10-31 Sight Unseen, Monica Khemsurov. online
2017-10-01 LINDA Wonen. magazine
2017-04-15 De Volkskrant, Volkskrant magazine. newspaper
2017-01-01 FRAME magazine. magazine
2016-12-01 Elle Decoration, Live Studio, Lisa van der Klok. magazine
2016-10-27 Design Academy Eindhoven, Kick That Ass, Gabrielle Kennedy. online
2016-10-26 De Wereld Draait Door, daily talkshow NL. television
2016-10-26 Website De Wereld Draait Door. online
2016-10-26 Hlow Paris, Best of Dutch Design Week 2016, Sara Guedj. online
2016-10-23 VPRO, 10 Tips voor de Dutch Design Week 2016. online
2013-02-15 De Volkskrant, Eindhoven Designstad, V-katern page 9. newspaper